stars, hold your fires

Month: July, 2015

live with me forever now

She’ll wait an eternity for Benjamin Gray to wake up, but Tatiana hopes with all her heart that she won’t have to.

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They were best friends, soulmates, so what could force them apart?

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feel your weight in arms i’d never use

Silence had always been their thing, but James was suddenly stifled by how quiet it was, her ragged breathing and his shallow breaths in panic the only sounds that they both made.

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we rattle this scene

“We need your help. The dinosaur in quadrant C has just escaped.”

He furrowed his eyebrows over his unfairly blue eyes. “The huge dinosaur?”

“That’s the one, yes.”

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in curves and loops

He’d known that writing anywhere; he’d spent the early years of his life tracing the pattern against the skin on his ribcage. The way she’d written his name was an exact match for his soul mark.

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