stars, hold your fires

Month: March, 2015

knocking on heaven’s door

Tatiana Penvrane had once seen the good in everyone. After she’d seen what anarchy did to people, what mob mentality was, and how human nature was so weak to impulses of the heart and mind, she’d started to lose this mentality – but if this alliance held and her people were restored to her, Tatiana thought that there might be a chance in her heart that she’d hold these ideals once more.

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dirty money (part 2)

“Besides, his screaming when I had to cut off a finger for being late were just so loud that I think I have a headache.”

“What a pity,” Tatiana snorted.

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a vicious motivator

And, James, what have I said about leaving body parts in the fridge?!”

“Not to,” James replied much like a trained child.

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dealings in death

And so, barely eighteen, unable to find a job in the madhouse that was their world in this time of war, they’d done the remarkable; gotten married and then immediately jumped into a trade far more lucrative than any Ministry job would have been – assassins for hire.

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