stars, hold your fires

Month: May, 2015

a kiss with a fist

“Next time you try to be a hero, just don’t, alright?”

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the glory days

Tatiana whipped around. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Daniel cleared his throat indignantly. “I was thinking that my baby sister was going to get herself killed if I didn’t have her back!

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a punch to the gut

She considered this; yes, she was angry. Tatiana Penvrane was furious with the endless war, with the persecution and constant threat, and the fact that even those she’d trusted could stab her in the back, albeit a bit sadly.

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keeping score

James was willing to wait for good coffee. He glanced at the menu briefly, shoved his hands in his pockets, and subtly checked out the blonde girl in line behind him. (He really did have a type, didn’t he?) 

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