stars, hold your fires

keep your heart close to the ground (part one)

The war will strip much from him, but he won’t let it strip his identity. It’s the one thing that no one can take – not the British, not the French, not even the Germans.

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miss missing you

The more he repeated it, the more he was convinced. Freya was his wife, she was his partner, the mother of his child – she wouldn’t do something like this. “I’ll play along,” he said after a moment, “but only to prove you both wrong.”

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bury their paws in the stone

For all their training in dueling, the years of previous wartime, this war was different. One side had the distinct advantage of finality to their condition, while the other was forced to run and run until they eventually succumbed to the illness as well or died trying to avoid it.

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the courage of stars

“How could you leave me to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do all on my own when you told me that you’d follow me anywhere, that you’d never leave me?”

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when all else fails

He could handle this; if he couldn’t last a day and a half with his nephew, how could he ever last if he had children of his own?


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punk’s not dead

“I was always proper punk rock,” she warned him, narrowing her eyes lined in black.

“Yeah, Hazelnut,” Ares deadpanned back, “and I’m a proper classic violinist.”


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live with me forever now

She’ll wait an eternity for Benjamin Gray to wake up, but Tatiana hopes with all her heart that she won’t have to.

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They were best friends, soulmates, so what could force them apart?

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feel your weight in arms i’d never use

Silence had always been their thing, but James was suddenly stifled by how quiet it was, her ragged breathing and his shallow breaths in panic the only sounds that they both made.

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we rattle this scene

“We need your help. The dinosaur in quadrant C has just escaped.”

He furrowed his eyebrows over his unfairly blue eyes. “The huge dinosaur?”

“That’s the one, yes.”

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