i’m no superman

by renegadekarma

“Well, our shift officially starts…” she paused, watching the second hand move for several seconds, “now, so we better keep all twenty-nine of them alive.”

“We’re having a night out,” Tatiana announced to her friend as she leaned against the counter beside him. “No animal planet, no angsting over how you think Doctor Kelley doesn’t notice you, and most definitely no talk of the hospital.”

The young doctor in blue scrubs glanced over and grinned in return. “Not even a little bit of angsting?”


“Fine, but you’re not allowed to bring your girlfriend with you.” Benjamin gestured back at the young nurse behind them who wasn’t paying attention, filling out a prescription for the patient in the room opposite theirs.

Tatiana snorted and glanced back at the nurse. “Hey, Seren, B.G. says you can’t come to our night out.”

Seren lifted a hazel gaze and leveled it on Benjamin. “What was that, Bambi?”

“Nothing,” Benjamin replied, faintly flustered, and when she turned back to her paperwork, he frowned at Tatiana. “Thanks for that, Penvrane.”

“No problem,” she replied smoothly, evening out a miniscule crease in her pale green surgical scrubs as she leaned against the counter.

St. Mungo’s Hospital was the first place that the two young doctors had applied to as soon as they’d finished medical school, and thankfully, they’d both managed to get in. They’d only been working there for six months and were living together in a flat a block away – Tatiana had started dating the cute nurse Jones who worked in the ICU, and Benj had his eye on a fellow medical intern named Reece who they worked with quite frequently (but nothing had worked out yet).

As they leaned against the counter, still discussing their plans, they were approached by a stern-looking redhead – their supervisor at the hospital, who seemed to take personal pleasure in giving the interns hell during their first year of work.

“Newbie, Barbie,” Doctor Chastity Hamilton-Reed greeted the two of them sharply as she approached with a clipboard and her lab coat on, looking quite stern.

“I thought Doctor Kelley was Barbie,” Tatiana muttered under her breath, and the senior doctor pinned her with a green glare that indicated it was time for her to shut up.

“You’re both working tonight. You too, Jones,” she added, nodding at the nurse behind them as she passed over clipboards quickly.

“But we can’t take the night shift. We had plans! And we were here last Friday night,” Benjamin complained as he followed Doctor Hamilton-Reed, who was stepping into a different patient room.

Please, Doctor Hamilton-Reed? We haven’t had a Friday off in ages,” Seren added sweetly from behind the counter, shooting Chastity her best puppy-dog eyes. She was well aware of the senior doctor’s crush on her, and she seemed about to relent before she glanced at the clipboard and shook her head.

“We’re short staffed, and I need to head out of here. It’s up to you three to take this floor.”

“But I’m from surgery,” Tatiana protested, and Chastity pinned her with a green glare again.

“Well, tonight you remain in the ICU,” she replied before sending Tatiana back to the desk with a motion of her hand. Benj made to follow but then caught sight of the other intern, Reece Kelley, and paused in the doorframe for a moment to watch him.

Chastity lifted an eyebrow at Benj. “Really?”

“What?” he defended himself.

“My god, Newbie, just pluck up the courage and ask him out already,” the redhead sighed as she pushed past the intern and into the next patient room.

“I have courage! Lots of it!” Benj called back to Chastity’s retreating back, the lab coat flaring out behind her as she strode away.

“I found another penny in the revolving door today,” a voice behind Benj announced and he jumped, nearly knocking his head into the side of the door frame. Wincing and running a hand through curls, the doctor turned to see the janitor standing behind him, holding out the penny.

“I didn’t do it,” Benjamin defended himself quickly.

Emrys Pierce tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes. “Do you remember what you said this morning? I told you that the door was squeaky and you told me that there might be a penny in it. And now I’ve found one. Are you going to tell me where else you put the pennies in?”

“I didn’t do it,” Benjamin repeated, exasperated.

Emrys paused for a moment, narrowing his eyes even further before picking up his mop and moving down the corridor again. “I’m watching you,” he called back to the confused doctor.

Benjamin shook his head and returned to the front desk, where Seren and Tatiana were discussing a patient’s treatment under their breaths, looking around cautiously.

“What do you look so scared about? Doctor Hamilton-Reed already left,” Benjamin replied, faintly confused as he leaned onto the counter toward them.

“The Chief of Medicine’s making rounds again,” Tatiana murmured, and Benj’s eyes widened as he glanced backward to check if the corridor was clear.

“Lily Hunt? Why does she feel the need to check on us now, after Doctor Hamilton-Reed leaves?” Benjamin replied, perplexed.

“It’s Doctor Hunt to you, young man,” a crisp voice behind them added, and Tatiana, Seren, and Benjamin all froze and turned to see the Chief of Medicine with her red hair frowning down at them. “And I wanted to make sure that you were all still doing your job without Chastity here to babysit you.”

“She doesn’t babysit us,” Seren complained, but Lily fixed her with a look and she shut up.

“I understand you three have the night shift?” She consulted the clipboard in front of her and then glanced back up at them. “Make sure that everyone in the ICU stays alive until Doctor Hamilton-Reed gets back tomorrow morning.”

“But there are twenty-nine people in here,” Tatiana protested.

“Do it,” the Chief of Medicine finished before striding out of the room, and the three glanced at each other before Tatiana sighed and turned to the clock.

“Well, our shift officially starts…” she paused, watching the second hand move for several seconds, “now, so we better keep all twenty-nine of them alive.”

The three paused and leaned over the counter to survey the corridor, lined with beds packed full of people on either side of the room.

“You take left, I take right?” Benjamin asked the surgical intern after a moment, studying the patients quickly on either side of the room.

“You got it, B.G.” Tatiana answered, grabbing a clipboard and starting for the left as the curly-haired doctor took the right.

“And I’ll be here making sure you don’t screw anything up,” Seren sighed and followed them.