knock, knock

by renegadekarma

“You realize that it’s nearly dinner time, right? You shouldn’t still be in – OH MY MERLIN.”


Perhaps most siblings would think to phone ahead when they were dropping over to their brother’s house, but not Tatiana Penvrane. She’d been to his flat a few times so far, bringing him lunch to eat over cardboard boxes when he hadn’t yet gotten furniture, or more recently to watch scary movies that they knew their mother would never approve of.

Today was neither of the opportunities, but she was meeting Seren in London today and thought that she might as well drop by Daniel’s first. She was meant to see her friend for dinner that night, but evening was quickly approaching and there was still an hour left, so she thought it was alright to just see the older Penvrane first.

There’d been a coffee shop on the way, and while Tatiana didn’t like the stuff much, she’d bought one for Daniel and a hot chocolate herself before pulling herself to his apartment, juggling the cups with one in each hand.

All the previous times that she’d visited had been when he’d told her to come over and had welcomed her at the door, but since this time was an unexpected visit, the door to his apartment remained stubbornly closed. The brunette sighed and placed the two cups of coffee down on the ground beside the door as she paced for a moment. Ringing the doorbell would ruin the surprise so she refused to do that, instead looking around for a spare key that she was sure would be there somewhere.

Daniel Penvrane wasn’t predictable or stupid – the key wasn’t under the front mat, which was where the brunette first checked. Tatiana paused, her hands on her hips as she squinted suspiciously at the row of potted plants beside the door, and then checked under the third one. A glimmering silver key lay waiting and she eagerly snatched it up and unlocked the door.

Stowing the key in her pocket (and reminding herself to make a copy of it later, for she’d need it, obviously), the sixteen year old picked up the two cups of steaming liquid and entered, stepping carefully over the threshold. She’d expected some big reaction of surprise from her brother, but she was disappointed, for he wasn’t in the entrance hall or living room, and she sighed and pressed on.

The light was flicked on in his bedroom, the door nearly shut and she could vaguely hear the sounds of sheets shifting. Repressing a sigh, she stepped toward the door, the cups still in hand. “You realize that it’s nearly dinner time, right? You shouldn’t still be in – OH MY MERLIN.”

She lost her grip on the cups and they splashed down in front of her onto her brother’s neat new carpet (he’d clean it up later, that wasn’t her concern right now). Tatiana gaped for merely half a second before recovering her wits and turning abruptly to face the door frame, cheeks flaming. “What the hell, Daniel?”

There was an irritated voice from the bed. “Don’t you knock?”

“I thought I’d pop in and surprise you!” Tatiana replied, still in shock. There was a pause, and then she added, somewhat uncomfortably, “Hey, Mia.”

“Nice to see you too, Tatty,” the older witch responded, and the brunette wondered if it was possible to Obliviate herself so she forgot the last minute and what she’d witnessed.

“Put on some clothes, Dai,” the brunette hissed to her brother, her back still facing him.

“Why? I was having a lovely time,” Daniel replied, embarrassed but evidently not ashamed in the slightest.

“For the love of Rowena,” she sighed and then stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her. “You clean up your carpet yourself, and I’ll pretend I never saw that!” Tatiana called through the door.

“Maybe you should phone first next time!” The young man called back, and Tatiana knocked her forehead against the door with a groan.

“I’m going to have to bleach my eyes,” she moaned as she stumbled outside the apartment, too ashamed to even properly say goodbye to her brother and his girlfriend in bed.