accidentally in love (part three)

by renegadekarma

“Well, the next time we attempt to stop a research director from selling classified state secrets to a terrorist organization, we’ll ask him to be more specific with the delivery times,” Tatiana replied cheerfully, pouring them each a cup of coffee and handing him one.


Will placed a finger to his lips as he leaned against the wall just under the bugs, and Tatiana, her eyes still heavy from having just woken up, nodded and silently mirrored his movements, placing her ear against the wall.

They could vaguely hear the conversation, “I’m selling the information to her today – the girl in the flower dress.” A pause. “Yes, I mean Alice Fairchild,” Emrys was saying, somewhat exasperated on the other side of the wall, presumably calling his boss. “She’ll be here in a few hours.”

Will nodded at the young woman across from him and they slowly backed away from the wall, Tatiana shuffling into the kitchen with a blanket around her shoulders as she lazily turned on the coffee pot.

“I thought I remembered you being a morning person,” Will observed, faintly amused as he leaned against a counter and watched the woman maneuver through the kitchen, her hair mussed, her blanket trailing on the ground as she hunted through the cabinets for coffee.

“Not after SHIELD drilled it in to me to wake up at four for training or operations,” she replied, sweeping past him and accidentally dropping the blanket on his foot. He bent to retrieve it, frowning thoughtfully.

“If Fairchild’s going to be next door in a few hours, we’d better wipe all the data that Pierce has first,” he observed, folding the blanket over his arm. “My sensors picked up that he has a huge system on the opposite wall – not the one right next to us. If we can get in there –“

“We can clear the system and make it so Fairchild doesn’t recover anything for HYDRA,” Tatiana finished with a nod as she pulled mugs from the cupboard. “So, how long do we have?”

“A few hours, he said, which is quite vague,” Will sighed.

“Well, the next time we attempt to stop a research director from selling classified state secrets to a terrorist organization, we’ll ask him to be more specific with the delivery times,” Tatiana replied cheerfully, pouring them each a cup of coffee and handing him one.

The man wrapped his fingers around the mug, gazing over at her. “He has another appointment today in about an hour. I picked that up last night when I was listening to him talk. So with any luck, he should be out of there for enough time for us to get in and wipe the system.”

Tatiana nodded and grinned before lifting the mug to her lips. “Sounds like a plan, then,” she added, her voice slightly muffled as she took a sip.

Emrys Pierce left his apartment precisely thirteen minutes after nine, just in time for the two agents to spring from their flat and toward his.

“You know how to pick a lock, don’t you?” Tatiana questioned as she watched Will duck down in front of the keyhole with a frown.

“Of course,” the man replied confidently, barely glancing at her as he plucked a hairpin from behind her ear and began to work, turning it against the inside of the keyhole with a sense of urgency.

“Don’t you have a device or something that can do these things?” Tatiana questioned, leaning against the wall beside him and keeping watch.

“I would if it was an electronic lock, but this is some old fashioned stuff. A key’s the only way to get in,” Will replied shortly, focused on his task.

A disturbance at the end of the corridor caught the brunette’s attention, and she turned to hear voices.

“Yeah, I’ve forgotten the briefcase, but I’m heading back in to get it right now,” Emrys was saying as he started down the hall.

It wasn’t enough time for them to get back into their flat and pretend that they were still asleep, but they needed to get away from the door of apartment 84, and they needed to do it now. Tatiana turned to Will, noticed that he was still working, and tugged on his shoulder.

“Quick, get up,” she murmured, pulling on him, and he did, turning in question, slipping the hairpin into his pocket.


Tatiana gestured toward the end of the hall and Emrys starting their way and dragged him by the front of his shirt a quick two steps closer to their apartment. “Kiss me,” she hissed quickly.

“Okay,” he replied, needing no further coaxing and bent down to quickly press his lips to hers.

Emrys halted abruptly a few feet from them, holding his phone to his shoulder. “Erm, Mr. and Mrs… Hamilton, was it? Sorry, you’re blocking my flat a little.”

Tatiana pulled apart, her cheeks flushed (not just from it being part of the act) before she let out a short, girlish giggle. “Oh, sorry about that! Come along, dear.” She stepped aside and Emrys unlocked his apartment door and followed as the pair returned to their apartment and sat with their ears to the wall once more.

He left after another two minutes and the two exited their flat again and went to work at the door once more. After a minute, there was a click and the door creaked open, and the two quickly entered and shut it behind them.

While the flat might have been identical to theirs in layout, Emrys Pierced had made a different use of his space. There was a large computer system on the opposite wall, and Will made a beeline for it as Tatiana followed, a bit more hesitantly. This was entirely his department; right now, she had to make sure to just watch his back.

He was typing furiously as soon as he got to the keyboard. “It’s encrypted,” he hissed in annoyance, still typing frantically. “This’ll take ages to break.”

“You’ve got about an hour,” Tatiana returned, glancing back at the closed door and then taking a seat beside him.

“Don’t talk, it’s distracting,” Will added abruptly. Tatiana, who’d opened her mouth, closed it sullenly and merely sat silently for a minute.

“I wanted to see if I could help,” she murmured under her breath.

Without looking at her, he held out a scanner. “Check to see if he’s got any other information stored in here. If he’s got so much as a holiday photo anywhere else in this room, we’re taking it from him.”

The young woman did as she was told and walked about the flat with the scanner held out around the rooms. Everything turned up negative, and she returned to Will’s side after a while, returning the scanner and checking her watch.

“He shouldn’t be back for another at least fifteen minutes, so you’ve got –“

They both froze as soon as they heard the doorknob rattling and exchanged simultaneous looks of panic before Tatiana dove under the desk and pulled Will down beside her.

“I’ve only got another few minutes until I can get through it,” he whispered at her, dismayed at being pulled away now.

She clapped a hand over his mouth as Emrys entered, humming faintly as he dropped his briefcase beside the door and began to pull of his shoes. He froze suddenly upon realizing his computer was on and then frowned, coming to stand in front of the desk. While it was dark underneath it, Tatiana silently pressed herself back away and against the wall, motioning for Will to do the same. He did, but his wrist knocked against the bottom of the desk and they both gaped at each other.

Emrys halted and then glanced down under the desk.

Instantly, Tatiana’s foot collided with his face and she sprung out, rolling under the desk as Emrys recoiled, grabbing his bleeding nose. “Go,” she ordered Will, and he didn’t need to be told twice as he quickly resumed typing at the computer.

“The Hamiltons?” Emrys was baffled.

“SHIELD,” Tatiana clarified, and his eyes widened.

The redhead lunged for the door, but Tatiana was faster as adrenaline rushed through her system. This was what she’d trained for, what she was good at – it was even what she loved as Will had pointed out during their argument the day before. She kicked the door shut as Emrys tried to pull it open, pulling a small handgun at her pocket and leveling it at him.

“Emrys Pierce, you’re under arrest for partaking in the Centipede project and for attempting to sell state secrets to a terrorist organization,” she informed him clearly, her grip unwavering as she kept her gun pointed his way.

He had raised his hands to his head level and was staying in place for a few moments before he suddenly reached out and knocked the gun from her hand, slamming her into the wall head-first. She winced as she fell and he tried to step over her, but she swung a leg out and unbalanced him before climbing onto his back on the ground and digging a knee into him.

“You asked for it,” she murmured as she pulled a set of handcuffs from her pocket and chained him to the refrigerator. “Will?” she called back to her partner over her shoulder for an update on the information.

“All clear,” he replied smugly as he arrived before showing her the flashdrive in his hand. “All of the information we need is right here, and there’s nothing left on his server.” He bent down beside the ginger man and showed him the flashdrive. “You’re going to be behind bars for a long time.”

He turned to the brunette, examining the bruise on her head with some degree of concern. “Are you alright? What did he do?”

“Nothing, and don’t you start talking about concussions or anything,” she replied, waving off his concerned hands that fluttered uncertainly around her forehead and her jaw.

Emrys grinned for a moment at the damage he’d inflicted – even if little in degree – before Will stopped him with a scowl.

“Shall we call in the extraction team?” Tatiana asked, perching on the counter and slipping Will’s phone out from his pocket to try and contact the Cardiff headquarters. He nodded at her and she proceeded with her message before grinning at him. “They’ll be here in an hour. Shall we kill some time?”

“Anything you desire, love,” he grinned back at her.

Emrys, on the ground by the refrigerator, groaned audibly. “Don’t do it in my bed,” he moaned, and the pair rolled their eyes simultaneously.

The flight back to London was cramped, dark, and last-minute. Tatiana was wedged by the window again with Will beside her, but this time there was a seven-year-old child in the aisle seat who kept gawking at the two as she leaned her head onto his shoulder.

“I love being in the field,” she murmured, and he grinned.

“What, you like kicking guys in the face?” he asked, lifting an eyebrow, and she shrugged nonchalantly.

“It’s sort of fun,” she replied with a shrug before nestling further into his shoulder. “But I liked the undercover aspect of it with you, I mean. That was nice too.”

“Me too.” He paused. “Your brother keeps sending me messages,” Will added. “I think I realized that I stole his ring. He’s going to be pretty pissed when we get back.”

“Ah, let him be. He deserves something like this sometimes,” Tatiana shrugged before adding, “Besides, the mission went well, all in all, so he can’t blame us for that.”

“Maybe we’ll get to do that again someday,” he added.

Tatiana snorted. “Darling, in our line of work, that’s unavoidable. Fury’s probably going to assign us on a lot more cases together in the field now, undercover ones as well. We might as well invest in a good ring.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Will shook his head quickly and then glanced away, reddening slightly. “I mean, us. As in properly getting married and finding a flat to move into back in the UK.”

“Oh,” she said after a moment, the syllable falling from her lips in surprise.

He reddened more. “Forget I said anything.”

“No, no,” she shook her head quickly, a dazzling smile drawing up her rosy lips as  she turned her cheek so she was looking up at him from his shoulder. “I think it’s sweet. And one day it might actually happen.”

“Only you’ll actually be Tatiana Shimizuno that time,” Will grinned down at her.

“Which I think still sounds silly. What do you think of William Penvrane?”

“Isn’t that your brother’s middle name?” he frowned.

She waved that off. “That’s beside the point, but we’ll discuss it later.”

His lips quirked up higher. “Is that a promise?”

“Yes,” Tatiana grinned back in return before leaning up and pressing her lips to his quickly before settling back against his shoulder again for the rest of the flight to New York.