the lost heroes

by renegadekarma

 “Mad enough to turn into a fire-breathing lizard,” Tatiana remembered with a snicker.

“It was a dragon!” Seren protested.

“It was smaller than you.”


“I’m not so sure about this,” Tatiana said warily as she stepped forward into the crystal catacombs beneath Pisa, lifting a lantern from between her fingers to illuminate the dim glow of the cave.

Seren merely smiled serenely at her from the side, a short sword strapped to her side that she gripped onto just to feel secure. “It’s alright. We won’t get lost here. I’m the daughter of Pluto, remember? I’m right at home with caves and underground stuff.”

Somewhere a few feet behind them, Chastity scowled and prodded at the cave walls with a tentative finger. “Yeah, well, I’m Aphrodite’s daughter but that doesn’t mean I’m at home with giving love advice.”

“You should set up a matchmaking site, Chas,” Tatiana murmured, trying to diffuse the discomfort she felt at being so far underground. “It’ll be perfect. We can auction off Nate.”

“We need Nate around! He’s our mechanic, and we’re too hard on him,” Seren replied firmly, although there was a hint of a smile in her voice.

“I’m pretty sure Frankie thinks otherwise,” Chastity teased, wedging her way between the two in front of her and slinging an arm over both of their shoulders. “How mad was he the first time he saw Nate hit on you, Ser?”

“Mad enough to turn into a fire-breathing lizard,” Tatiana remembered with a snicker.

“It was a dragon!” Seren protested.

“It was smaller than you.”

“It was a small dragon,” Seren amended, narrowing her eyes at Chastity for the reminder, although the blonde was too good-natured to stay mad for a long time. So holding grudges wasn’t the other demigod’s fatal flaw. Tatiana had been trying to figure it out for quite a long time but she’d still gotten nowhere.

They were on an expedition under Pisa to find the long-missing statue of Rowena Ravenclaw that had been stolen centuries ago from the Great Hall of Hogwarts – the only problem was that their rivals, the Roman demigods, were doing the same. Tatiana might not have worried as much if her own  brother wasn’t the praetor of Camp Jupiter. Daniel was intelligent, but she hoped that her team of both Greek and Roman demigods would be able to locate the statue first.

“Do you think the others are having any luck?” the brunette inquired as she stepped along beside the other two, her hazel eyes primed on the area in front of her, still in search of the statue.

“The blokes?” Seren snorted. “They can’t find their own arses most of the time, what makes you think they’ll find the statue before us?”

“I dunno, Will seems to find his way fine into the room of a certain daughter of Athena,” Chastity smirked, prodding the brunette in the side.

“Like I’ve said all morning, he fell asleep on my bed, I was sitting on the floor making battle plans,” Tatiana replied for not the first time, entirely exasperated. “Look, I’ve got the dark circles to prove it!”

“They aren’t as bad as Alfie’s, though.” Chastity turned to glance at Seren. “Does your brother sleep, like, at all?

Seren shrugged daintily. “To be honest, I don’t see him much more than you guys do. Although he does have a tendency to melt out of the shadows wherever Frankie and I happen to be snogging—“ Her hazel eyes widened. “Oh, Merlin, pretend I didn’t say that!”

Tatiana and Chastity exchanged simultaneous looks of surprise. “Merlin, I thought they all did in the time before you died – well, you know, back in the forties – was, like hold hands and even that was practically a guarantee that you were going to marry someone,” Chastity replied, shocked.

“Someone’s getting used to this century,” Tatiana smirked, and Seren averted her gaze, blushing red.

There was a sudden disturbance in the redhead’s earpiece and she frowned, pressing a hand to her ear and wincing. Seren and Tatiana’s flared at the same moment as well as they entered a rare  spot of reception in the caves.

“Girls? Have you found anything yet?”

“Still looking, Benj,” Chastity replied, gritting her teeth at the loudness of his voice against her ear drum.

“How are the skies looking?” Tatiana asked, trying to distance her earpiece from her ear, although it didn’t work, for Benj’s voice was still loud in answer. Seren and Chastity glared at the daughter of Athena simultaneously as his voice boomed once more.

“The skies are clear and lovely and – oh, you meant keeping on the watch for the Roman warship? I haven’t seen it yet, but Daniel’s sneaky. He’ll find a way.”

A different sound emitted and the signal seemed to switch to a somewhat panicked Nate. “Er, Coach Ravensdale found out about you and Frankie snogging, Seren,” he said, sounding frazzled. “He’s tracking down a ruler now so he can make sure you two are a foot away at all times.”

Seren gasped. “Were these earpieces on the whole time?” She gaped at the other two who stared back at her, eyes wide.

Nate cleared his throat. “Er, yeah, they were.”

“So you were listening in all this time and you didn’t feel the need to inform us?” Chastity demanded.

A pause. “It was Frankie’s idea,” Nate said quickly, and the earpiece crackled as a different source began using it again.

“We were just making sure you were okay!” Frankie tried to rationalize quickly.

“That’s an invasion of privacy,” Tatiana hissed down the line, “You can’t just listen in on us when we’re not here!”

There was a pause and a sudden flopping sound. A scraping noise followed, and then someone else spoke. “Ladies, how’s it going down there?” Will asked smoothly.

“Were you listening too?” Chastity asked.

A pause. “Maybe.”

“What’s happened to Frankie?” Seren inquired, looking vaguely anxious – so anxious, in fact, that she made a wrong turn into the cave and led the other two girls into a dead end.

“He got so embarrassed that he turned into a goldfish,” Will snickered.

Seren gaped at the other two once more. “What? Tell me you at least put him in a fishbowl.”

There was another pause. “Shit.” Another scraping sound followed and then the line crackled again. “It’s okay, we’re over the ocean, I just tossed him in.”

“Goldfish are freshwater creatures, Will,” Tatiana reminded the boy, narrowing her eyes at her own earpiece even while well aware that he couldn’t see them.

“Shit,” he murmured again and then there was a few moments of silence until the dark-haired boy answered in a harried tone, “Okay, I dumped out Ravensdale’s coffee mug and filled it with freshwater and put Frankie in, and now I think he’s okay.”

“You dumped out the coffee? Oh, Merlin, you’re going to get it now,” Chastity snickered.


“Actually, Sir, I built the ship so it’s mine,” they could hear Nate say through the line somewhere, and all the girls flinched at once.

He’s going to get it,” Seren sighed.

The scuffle that followed was no surprise, but they continued trekking through the caves anyway. “Do you think that I could charmspeak Coach Ravensdale into not making sure we stay a foot away from a boy at all times?” Chastity inquired.

Tatiana shook her head. “Charmspeak doesn’t work on satyrs. Besides, he’s Ravensdale. Like hell it’ll work on him. I have a feeling that he’ll threaten to throw us overboard if he finds anyone snogging again.”

“Damn,” Chastity replied, somewhat dejected.

Seren shrugged. “Nothing we can do about it, really,” she sighed before pausing and letting an impish smile curve her lips up. “Unless we get really sneaky about it and only do it at, you know, night.”

“We’ve corrupted her,” Tatiana replied abruptly, although she smirked over at the daughter of Pluto anyway. “Nice thinking, Jones.”