accidentally in love

by renegadekarma

“Tatiana, will you marry me?” he asked, trying to sound sincere but failing entirely.

“Nah, don’t fancy it much. Besides, what kind of last name is Shimizuno?”


The conference room was packed with agents; all the seats at the table were filled, and some were forced to stand against the wall as they listened to the director speak. Thankfully, Tatiana had arrived early enough to grab herself a seat, although unluckily, it had been the one next to Will.

He didn’t seem to be listening to the director speak – something about how they were scared of their agency being exposed so now agents had to be sent in undercover. Instead, he was working on folding the memo in front of him into something far more entertaining; a paper airplane.

Tatiana did her best to ignore him, but he nudged her leg with his then showed her his creation triumphantly and she couldn’t remain silent any longer. “You should be listening,” she hissed.

Will rolled his eyes. “Relax, I got the gist of it. Something about undercover, something about yelling at us for being shitty agents –“

“Hey, I don’t think he said that,” Tatty added, her brow furrowed.

Will ignored her. “Do you think Hart will notice if I throw this at him?” he asked, glancing down at his paper airplane.

“For Godric’s sake, Will, just pay some damn attention,” Tatiana hissed again.

“Shimizuno, little Penvrane, do you have anything to add?” Nick Fury suddenly asked, and the two jumped up, startled, and glanced over at the director with wide eyes like little children who’d just been reprimanded.

“Er, no, Sir,” Will replied as Tatiana shook her head hastily, looking panicked.

“Well then, it appears like you’ve volunteered for the latest mission.” The man smiled over at them – although perhaps smirked would be a more accurate word. It appeared half of the agency was aware of the blatant sexual tension between the two agents, and would do just about anything to amuse themselves by shoving Will and Tatty together in missions.

“What was the latest mission?” Tatiana asked warily.

Fury’s lips slid up even higher. “I’ll send you the memo. Right now, go visit your brother in the tech corridor. He’ll fill you in on what you need.”

With an uncertain glance back at the director and the agents closest to them who were trying to stifle laughter near them, the two young agents left the conference room and continued down the corridor, entirely puzzled.

“So… did you hear at all what he was saying?” Will asked after a moment, running a hand through his dark hair.

“I would have if someone wasn’t going on about paper airplanes,” Tatiana replied, unamused.

Will launched the creation in his hands and watched as it traveled for several feet before smashing into a wall. “He still calls you little Penvrane?” the boy added with a snicker.

“When your brother’s the head of the whole engineering department at this base and you’re still just a lowly combat specialist, yes, he tends to,” she replied, faintly annoyed as she entered the tech corridor.

Daniel was tapping away at a keyboard, not even sparing his sister a glance as she stepped in. “Later, Tatty. Fury needs me ready to brief the newest undercover agents when they show up,” he said before she could speak, frantically typing.

“Er, yeah. That’s us.”

He paused, fingers hesitating on the keys before turning to look at the two agents. He let out a sudden laugh. “What, Fury put you two together?” he managed.

Will sheepishly ran another hand through his hair. “We weren’t paying much attention at the meeting so he assigned us as a sort of punishment, I think,” he admitted.

Daniel rolled his eyes at them and then leaned back in his chair, consulting his computer screen. “So, you two are meant to be undercover in Cardiff. The apartment next to the one you’re supposed to live in is our suspect for the Centipede case, so you’ll need to keep an eye on him. I’ve got loads of little bugs so you can listen in,” he added, reaching under his desk and extracting a few small black disks.

Tatiana pulled them close and tucked them into her pocket, nodding.

“Do you need a ring or anything? Because, I mean, that’s not my department, but I can see what I can do?” Daniel added after a moment, running his hand along the back of his neck.

Tatiana and Will glanced at each other, confused. “What sort of ring?” Will ventured after a moment.

Daniel glanced at them in surprise. “A wedding ring, of course!” As the two agents simultaneously exchanged another look of horror, the man leaned back, laughing. “What, Fury didn’t tell you? Your cover is that you’re supposed to be a married couple. Newlyweds, I’d guess, given how young you two are.”

There was a pause.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” Tatiana moaned.

Will smirked and wrapped an arm around her. “Aw, it’s not so terrible, love.”

“Call me that again and I’ll snap your wrist.”

He retracted his hand. “But why us? I’m a hacker, she’s a specialist. It’s a pretty odd combination.”

Daniel gave a lofty shrug. “You’re meant to get in and disable his technology, and you need someone like her to have your back,” he replied, nodding in the direction of his sister before glancing at his watch. “You’re meant to leave tonight. Can you come up with a cover story on your own?”

“We’ll manage,” Tatiana replied before nodding at her brother. “Thanks, Dai.” She turned and strode out of the corridor, still in a bit of a huff.

Will turned to follow, but Daniel reached forward and grabbed the man’s wrist. “It’s been a long time since I had to tell you this,” he started in a low voice, “But no funny business with her or I’ll snap your neck, alright?” He paused for a minute. “Or she’ll probably beat me to it,” he realized.

“Thanks for the pep talk,” Will replied, snatching away his wrist and leaving the room.

Tatiana wasn’t a huge fan of New York City, so she was glad to be leaving. She missed Wales, and considering that her job required her to be on the move quite a lot, she didn’t get to visit home much. Curled against the window seat of the plane, a magazine in her hands, she flipped through the pages with disinterest as Will snored beside her on the trip. The old man sitting in the aisle seat beside Will was constantly leaving to use the restroom, so at least they could count on him being gone some of the time.

The brunette paused, regarding her sleeping companion, his face softer in rest than it ever would be when he was awake. She thought how she’d once found it endearing, and then she prodded him hard in the side.

He woke up with a start, dark eyes fixing on her immediately as he sat up. “What, what’s happened? Is the plane going down?”

“Where’s my ring?” she inquired.

His brow furrowed. “Your… what? Wedding ring?”

“You were meant to get it before we left. Don’t tell me that you forgot.” Tatiana lifted an eyebrow at him.

Will scoffed. “Of course I didn’t forget. It’s right here.” He rummaged through one of his pockets and extracted a plastic circle, which he held out to her.

The brunette recoiled. “What the hell is that?”

“A ring,” Will replied, brow furrowing as he glanced down at it. “Why, you don’t like it?”

“Where’d you pull that from, a cereal box?” she inquired, staring down at it.

“Oi, this is quality. It’s like a mood ring or something, changes color with the heat of your skin.” He pressed down on the stone and watched the color shift from indigo to a burnt scarlet.

Tatiana paused and then narrowed her eyes. “It’s your sister’s, isn’t it?”

“From when she was little,” Will admitted sheepishly. “So you don’t like it?”

“No. Where’s my diamond ring?”

“We live off a freaking government salary, we don’t have one,” Will retorted.

Tatiana continued narrowing her hazel eyes at him until he relented with a sigh and rummaged through another pocket.

“I nicked it from your brother when he was talking,” Will explained. “I think he was going to propose to his girlfriend or something.”

Her eyes widened. “You did?” For a moment, she contemplated being angry before deciding that it was probably more beneficial to either of them if she just went with it. He lifted up the ring and any thoughts of anger were forgotten as she caught sight of the twinkling diamonds. He reached for her hand but she slapped him away.

“What?” he asked, brow furrowing. “Merlin, if you don’t like this ring, I am not getting you another one.”

“It’s not that, you idiot. You haven’t even asked me to marry you yet – hell, you haven’t even bought me dinner. I am a proper English lady, I refuse to marry someone if they haven’t wooed me before time.”

“You want me to woo you?” There was a trace of amusement in Will’s voice as his eyebrows lifted up.

Tatiana nodded.

He sighed. “Your, er… hair looks nice today?” he tried.

“What a charmer.” Tatiana rolled her hazel eyes. “One would think that you’d just use all those pick up lines you’d had for me when were dating five years ago.”

“Yeah, but things were different back then. One, we were actually into each other before we got all caught up with SHIELD, and two, you didn’t know forty-seven ways to kill a man back then,”  Will replied, exasperated.

“Forty-eight,” Tatiana remarked triumphantly.

“There’s my point.”

She ignored him and continued flipping through the magazine. “Well, then I can’t marry you.”

Will sighed, dropping his head briefly in annoyance before lifting it up again. “Tatiana, will you marry me?” he asked, trying to sound sincere but failing entirely.

“Nah, don’t fancy it much. Besides, what kind of last name is Shimizuno?”

“It’s Japanese.”

“Tatiana Shimizuno sounds terrible, doesn’t it?” The brunette wrinkled her nose, enjoying irritating the man beside her.

“Tatiana, just fucking marry me already,” Will growled.

The old man who sat in the seat beside Will took this opportunity to return from the bathroom. He raised his eyebrows at the pair and then turned around and returned to the bathroom again.

“So demanding,” she sighed, snatching away the ring.

Will carried their bags to their apartment (because, Tatiana had informed him, that was what all good husbands did) and he dropped them in a heap outside the door.

“We’re 83, so the Centipede guy should be 84,” she murmured to him as she surveyed the door numbers.

As if on cue, the door beside them opened and a man stepped out and then glanced at them suspiciously as he noticed their bags lying by the door. “Who are you?” he inquired roughly.

Tatiana had already instructed Will on the ride over to not be all grumpy and scowl at people, and thankfully, he reluctantly remained silent and let her do the talk, merely wrapping a hand around her waist. The ring glinted on her finger as she held out a hand to the newcomer.

“I’m Seren Hamilton and this is my husband, Leander. We’re your new neighbors,” she chirped cheerfully.

The man did not take her hand. “Emrys Pierce. I wasn’t aware that the flat next door was for sale.”

Tatiana shrugged. “We bought it a few months ago and decided not to live in it until we were married, isn’t that right, darling?” One of her hands was on Will’s shoulder and she prodded him.

He grunted a reply in the affirmative and she shot him a look. “That’s correct,” he added after a moment. “But this is a lovely building so we wanted to move in as soon as possible.”

The man continued to narrow his eyes at them, and Tatiana was vaguely reminded about his file that she’d read on the plane. He was meant to be highly perceptive – clearly, sending in two rookie agents undercover hadn’t been Fury’s best idea.

But then Emrys smiled suddenly. “Newlyweds, huh? Keep it down over there at night, I’ll be trying to get some rest.” He nodded and shut the door.

Tatiana gaped at the closed door before Will burst into laughter beside her. “You hear that? Evidently we’ll have to keep it down now,” he added, tightening his grip on her waist briefly.

She scowled at him. “There won’t be anything to keep down at night,” she hissed back at him before pulling open the door.

SHIELD was normally quite good at accommodating their agents, and this time proved to be no different. The flat was decently furnished as she stepped inside, and she dumped the bags on the ground and pulled the bugs from her pocket, attaching them to the wall between their house and Emrys’s.

“So, Leander and Seren Hamilton, huh?” Will raised an eyebrow at her as he closed the door behind them.

“First names I could think of,” she returned shortly to the hacker before nodding toward the wall and the devices on them. “Calibrate those.”

He moved to the wall. “Weren’t we meant to think of a cover story on the flight?”

“I was too busy making sure I got a proper ring,” Tatiana replied, kicking her boots off by the door. She roamed around the small flat for a few minutes to explore as Will tried to make sure that they could hear everything that went on in the flat next door. After a few minutes she returned to the entrance hall, her face tight.

“Well?” Will inquired, glancing up from where he was readjusting the bug on the wall.

“There’s only one bed,” she replied with a sigh and then glanced at the living room behind her. “And no couches.”

“I don’t see the problem,” Will replied with a shrug.

“I’m not sleeping with you, William,” Tatiana replied, her voice a slight hiss.

“Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if you did. I’m prepared.”

“Prepared for what? Tell me you didn’t pack condoms.”

“I meant that I was prepared for you to steal all the blanket, but I’m prepared for if things go the other way too,” he grinned at her.

Will, by the wall, had finished calibrating the devices and was now pulling off his shoes. Tatiana rolled her eyes and stomped off toward the bedrooms. “You’re insufferable,” she called over her shoulder.

“Is that an invitation to come join you in bed now?” he called back cheekily.

There was a pause in which Tatiana considered this before a grin stretched up her lips. “If you insist,” she called with a mock-sigh.

“What an enthusiastic wife I have,” he called back, grinning as he pulled off his other shoe and followed her.