when the daylight comes

by renegadekarma

“You don’t have to stay, you know,” she added after a moment, her tone somewhat soft.

Sunlight filtered through the light curtains, a breeze from the slightly open window blowing them in the direction of the bed. Two figures lay entangled in the twisted sheets, somewhere between asleep and awake. The shorter lazily opened an eye and blinked at the sunlight.

“My head is killing me,” she moaned, sitting up and clutching a sheet to her chest. Her fingers wound through her dark chocolate locks as she massaged her temple, before a stir from beside her had her glancing over in alarm.

Will Shimizuno. In her bed.

The brunette let out a screech and he promptly flopped over and rolled off onto the ground.

Tatiana gathered the sheets more tightly around herself, the pounding in her head increasing along with the panic level. She tried not to glance at the ground, instead tossing a pillow from beside her onto the ground with him, averting her gaze to the far too-bright window and curtains. “What the hell are you doing here?” she hissed at him.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he replied sullenly, grabbing the pillow that she’d so unceremoniously tossed down.

“This is my bedroom, William.”

“Oh, here we go with the full names again.” The dark-haired boy seemed to roll his eyes at her, but she was too busy trying not to look that she barely caught this gesture. “Come on, Tatiana, this is as much your fault as it is mine, you know.”

“How is it my fault in the slightest?” she replied, indignant.

This time, she did glance back and catch the roll of his onyx eyes. “It was your idea to go for a drink.”

One drink. I distinctly did not mean plural!”

“How many shots do you remember having?”

Tatiana paused and then scowled. “That’s beside the point. I’m trying to figure out what you’re doing in my bed.”

“Well, clearly, you must have invited me in,” Will pointed out, raising himself back up to the other side of the bed. Her grip tightened on the sheets. “I didn’t just Slyther-in if that’s what you’re thinking. I was a Ravenclaw, remember?”

She narrowed amber-streaked eyes at him before childishly tossing the pillow from behind her at his head. In her hungover state, it missed by more than a foot, and she flopped down, her back on the bed.

“I’m not wearing any clothes,” she added simply after a moment.

“I’ve noticed,” he grinned, and she glared over at him. His smirk lowered slightly.

“Neither are you,” she pointed out, and he flushed ever so slightly and adjusted the pillow.

“So you’ve looked, then?” he added, another smirk on his lips.

“If I had any more pillows, I’d be aiming one at your head right now,” Tatiana warned him. Miraculously, he stopped teasing, and she was able to shift uncomfortably. “So, what did we, you know…do?”

“Well, as a healer, I’d assume you know what sex entails.”

Tatiana froze. “Oh, bloody hell. Tell me that we didn’t.”

“I distinctly remember you pulling me in here by my collar, and now I’ve just woken up wearing nothing at all. We don’t need Sherlock Holmes to solve this for us – you’ve read about him, haven’t you?” Will asked.

“Of course I have,” Tatiana snapped. She winced at her own sharp tone that accompanied the piercing feeling in her head and she groaned, slumping to the side. “This is the last time I get drunk and sleep with you.”

“You say that as if we’ve done that before,” Will observed.

Out of pillows to throw, she swept her legs backward and knocked him in the stomach and off of her bed again. The thump on the floor was satisfying, as was the muttered curse as he pulled himself back to perch on the side of her bed again. “You’ve got to stop doing that,” he grumbled, picking up both pillows and wedging them back onto the bed.

Tatiana sighed and glanced at the clock. “It’s six in the morning,” she groaned. “It’s too early to deal with any of this crap.”

“It’s Saturday, you can sleep in,” Will pointed, shoving a pillow under her head somewhat unceremoniously. He tugged at the sheets that were rolled up around her and snatched some for himself, lying back.

She had been busy locating her wand on the table beside her, and she flicked them at window, which shut it abruptly and darkened the curtains in one motion. Upon not noticing Will trying to gather up his clothes and leave, she turned over, somewhat baffled at his behavior.

His eyes were closed, pillow tucked under his head. Without opening his eyes, he spoke. “You know, if you wanted to stare at me naked, you had loads of opportunities last night.”

She paused, unsure of what to say. Getting drunk and sleeping with him had not been the plan – in fact, she couldn’t remember half of last night, although flashes of it were coming back to her. Dragging him into a bar, downing shots, dragging him back to her room by his collar while his arms were around her waist, the taste of liquor on his lips. It hadn’t been a bad night, necessarily, just an unanticipated one.

“You don’t have to stay, you know,” she added after a moment, her tone somewhat soft.

Tatiana thought that this would send him running, but he only tugged on the sheets that she was still cocooned in a bit more.

“I want to,” he added after a moment, a bit roughly, sounding a bit more like the grumpy nineteen year old she knew he was. Her lips curved up as she settled back down beside him, fitting herself into the curve that his figure made.

“Tatiana,” he said after a moment, “You’re hogging the blanket again.”

“Shut up, William. Do you want to end up back on the floor?”