what’s a kiss between friends?

by renegadekarma

The words that tumbled out of the young witch’s mouth surprised even her. “Shall we find out, then?”


The snow fluttered down softly as the two third years walked by on the crowded street, weaving their way through the packed crowd of tall people, ducking and maneuvering as to get inside to somewhere warm as soon as possible. Tatiana hadn’t believed it possible to be this cold when surrounded by so many people, but her fingers were shaking even within where she’d stuffed them in her pockets, and her teeth were chattering even as she stubbornly clenched them together.

One might consider it a bit peculiar to be going on a date with a boy who she considered to be a good friend of hers; Emrys was, if she were to award him a title, one of her closest male friends. People didn’t generally go on dates with friends, if she had any inkling of what a date was. Still, when he’d asked her, she couldn’t help but agree, not wanting to let him down while also wanting someone to accompany her to Hogsmeade.

So there they were, two thirteen-year-olds, fingers numb, lips chapped in the frosty weather, snowflakes caught in their hair. Emrys and Tatiana ducked simultaneously from either side of a tall man on his way to the toy store before they both turned and proceeded into the Three Broomsticks. The bell above the door let out a light tinkle that was soon forgotten in their haste to stomp off the snow on their boots and wring out their nearly soaked hats.

“I’ve decided that having snowflakes in my hair makes me look like I have dandruff,” Emrys announced aloud, “Definitely a fashion don’t.”

“You’ve not got the skin tone for a winter palette,” Tatiana agreed, giving her friend and his bright red hair a quick once-over. “More of an autumn, really,” she added.

Emrys pouted but seemed to agree, for he said nothing more as they moved their way to the closest table; a dry booth at the other end of the small pub. The waitress signaled that she’d be over in a moment as they sat down, and the brunette pressed her hands together, rubbing them in order to generate some heat.

“It’s freezing,” she declared as if that wasn’t the reason they’d come to the Three Broomsticks in the first place.

“Here.” Emrys reached forward, offering his hand, and after a pause, Tatty took it. His fingers were warm between hers, and she allowed their linked hands to rest on the table, relishing in the heat the boy provided.

“It’s probably all that red in your hair,” Tatiana decided aloud after a moment, “That’s what makes you so warm.”

Emrys grinned at her before their waitress approached, punctuating her words with a pop of her gum in her mouth. Tatiana tried not to wince at her terrible etiquette. “What can I get for you two today?”

 “Just two butterbeers,” Emrys replied, glancing over at the girl to see if that was alright with her before she nodded quickly at him. The waitress disappeared, leaving the two alone again.

There was a brief silence in which they merely glanced at each other before Emrys hesitantly asked, “If you’re still cold over there – do you want to sit over here next to me? I bet it’s a lot warmer than sitting on your own.” He patted the cushion just beside him in the booth.

Tatty gratefully took the new seat, keeping her hands linked. They stayed like that for a moment before she turned to him. “This is what a real date’s supposed to be like, isn’t it?”

Emrys almost bristled. “We are on a real date though, aren’t we?”

“We are,” she rushed to assuage him, “It’s just, you know, in a real date, don’t the people usually fancy each other?”

Emrys paused as if considering this, and she let the silence fall over them for a few moments, each awash in their own notions of what dating was supposed to involve.

Finally, the redhead spoke. “Well, I like you, Tatty, but as a friend, you know? I don’t know if I fancy you.”

The words that tumbled out of the young witch’s mouth surprised even her. “Shall we find out, then?”

Emrys looked perplexed at her answer before she swiftly reached over and pressed her lips to his briefly. For a first kiss, it wasn’t long at all, and she pulled back a mere few seconds later, blushing pink.

There was another heavy silence.



“I don’t think I fancy you,” they both blurted out at the same time before looking at each other in confusion. A moment later they were in unison with their laughter, and Tatty leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder as the waitress approached their table again with the butterbeers.

“Well, for a date between friends, then, this was rather fun,” Tatiana decided finally.