wake up call

by renegadekarma

“Anything you want to tell me? Daniel? Seren?”

Her gaze fixed upon each of them briefly, pinning them down.


She’d run out of glitter shampoo. Again.

At this rate, she was going to have to start putting some sort of charm on her shampoo so that none of her other roommates could use it; it was for her and Chastity alone, and it was running out fast. Of course, for two girls with long hair, that made sense, but Tatiana didn’t appreciate having to go buy it from Felise’s so often, no matter how much she loved the store. If Harry had still worked there, she could have just mail-ordered it, but unfortunately, now she was stuck getting it herself.

Felise’s bag in hand, the sweets she’d bought from Honeyduke’s stuffed inside as well just so she’d have less to carry, the witch paused outside of the Three Broomsticks. She’d arrived in Hogsmeade with her brother earlier to visit her godfather before he’d left to “meet up with a friend”, and she wasn’t set to meet up with Seren for another half an hour at the Park.

In the meantime, she decided that she might as well go to the pub and get herself something warm to drink. Besides, it was quite a popular place for Hogwarts students on these weekends, and she was sure that she’d find a familiar face to talk to while she tried to kill the time until she had to go the park.

Entering the pub, she moved toward the counter. “Just one butterbeer, thanks,” she ordered from the bartender before passing over some gold and taking her mug. She turned and glanced around the rather crowded pub. The back of someone’s head caught her attention, and she moved in that direction, knowing Daniel even before she saw his face. Even if he was with a friend, he wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of time with his little sister, would he?

As soon as she got close enough, though, she froze.

Danny sat at the table, but across from him, invisible to Tatiana until now due to Daniel’s tall frame blocking his companion, was Seren. Perhaps this wouldn’t have been a strange sight, since they had known each other for years, after all, but what caught her attention was the linked hands in the middle of the table.

Neither appeared to be doing palmistry on the other, or any form of Divination in general, so Tatty felt it safe to be jumping to a conclusion straight away – they were dating, and they hadn’t told her. Her best friend and her brother. Shouldn’t she be the first to know from either side?

She hadn’t noticed that she’d been standing still until a man behind her nearly knocked her over in his haste to get to the counter, and she was forced to take a deep breath and step forward, keeping her butterbeer in her hand.

“I hope you don’t mind you joining you two,” she said once she was close enough. Two pairs of eyes glanced at her in panic, but Tatiana tried to appear nonchalant as she pulled up a chair to their table and sat in it. Hazel eyes glanced upward through her eyelashes. “Anything you want to tell me? Daniel? Seren?”

Her gaze fixed upon each of them briefly, pinning them down.

Seren squirmed in her seat. “Tatty…”

“Were you spying on us?” Daniel asked, having gotten over his initial shock. His face contorted into an expression of annoyance rather than surprise now. “Couldn’t you give me a little privacy?”

“What, so you can go and snog my best friend?” Tatiana gestured wildly to the blonde, who looked guilty and dropped the boy’s hand hastily, moving to encircle her fingers around the mug of butterbeer instead.

“Why didn’t either of you tell me?” the brunette demanded at last.

She expected Daniel to answer, but instead, it was Seren this time. “We knew you’d react like this, Tatty! We were going to tell you, I promise, just not… now.”

 “Then when?”

“When we’d worked out how to bring it up with you!” Daniel replied, exasperated.

“A simple sentence would have sufficed – ‘hey, Tatty, I’m going on a date with your best friend’, or ‘Tatty, is it alright if I date your brother?’” The brunette glared at the two of them.

There was a silence.

“Can we just talk about this?” Seren pleaded after a moment, her hazel eyes roaming between the two siblings, both of them bristling slightly for different reasons, identical expressions of irritation present on their faces.

Tatiana relented finally. “Alright.”

“We’re going to need some more butterbeer while we’re at it,” Daniel sighed after a reluctant glance at the girls, flagging over a waiter.