small bump

by renegadekarma

“Yes?” he prompted.

“I’m pregnant,” she confessed finally.

This was madness.

It was the beginning of October, and Tatiana Penvrane was seventeen years old and pregnant.

She stared down at the thin stick of plastic in her hands, a growing sense of dread blossoming in the pit of her stomach. The little pink plus sign stared back at her as if mocking her – congratulations, you’ve screwed up and now you’re going to have a baby. While in your final year of Hogwarts and should be focusing on NEWTs.

Slender fingers anxiously pawed through her chocolate locks as she dropped the stick on the ground, leaning against the door of the bathroom stall and taking deep breaths. The flow of fresh air, however, did nothing to reassure her, and instead she bit on her lower lip nervously.

Vaguely, she remembered a sunlit day, a tight black dress, the whisper of a kiss against her neck. Summer had not passed without its fair share of events, and most of them involved a certain bloke; tall, high cheekbones, the smile of a troublemaker. William Shimizuno.

Will. The thought sent a fresh wave of panic into the young witch’s mind and she struggled to try and breathe deeply again. He was her child’s father and had a right to know. Yet she couldn’t move herself from where she stood for several moments, standing still and blinking at the plastic.

A wave of nausea gripped her suddenly and she leaned forward, glad for the presence of the toilet. Wiping her lips with the back of her hand once she’d emptied the contents of her stomach into it, she hesitantly picked up the small stick and moved out to the sinks, splashing her face with water.

Tatiana studied her reflection in the mirror. Same dark hair, curved just so slightly around her face. Same hazel eyes, although rimmed with red now from crying. Same flat stomach, although she knew that it would protrude in just a few short months in order to support the child growing within her.

The only thought in her mind now was that she needed to tell someone, anyone. Naturally, her first choice would have been her family, but she balked at this. How could she write to her parents or her brother and tell them that sweet, innocent, ‘Marshmallow’ was with child?

No, the first person she turned to was instead her best friend, and she collapsed tearfully as soon as she found the other, spilling out the news and crying on Seren’s shoulder while the Gryffindor smoothed back her hair. After some time, when she’d calmed down enough to think rationally, and actually take the blonde’s advice to go see Will.

Sitting outside the Ravenclaw Common Room in wait for him was no foreign task for the brunette, but she felt an unfamiliar sense of panic nonetheless as she sat in the corridor and waited, watching the students who passed by, all of them smiling and talking and laughing because their day hadn’t been ruined by unexpected news like hers had.

When Will finally emerged from his common room, it was with Leander, and Tatty’s heart sunk. She’d hoped to catch him alone, but she steeled herself nonetheless and got to her feet.

“Lee, can I just have a moment with William?” she asked the curly-haired boy, and thankfully he acquiesced, leaving the other two together.

Will’s familiar grin stretched onto his face, lips pulling upward almost deviously. “If you wanted to get me on my own so much, Tatty, you could have just asked me.”

The Hufflepuff had no time for this. “Will, we need to talk. Now,” she ordered, gripping his arm and leading them into an abandoned corridor, void of the traffic that was common at this time of the day.

“It’s kind of hot when you take control like that,” Will murmured appreciatively, and she shot him a look as she turned, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Only then did he seem to realize the shift in her mood, the anxiety fraught within every curve of her chin and set of her jaw. “What’s wrong?” he asked after a moment.

She let out a small breath. “Remember this summer? When we went to the beach, and that night, we…”

“Yeah,” Will answered, grinning until Tatty glared at him, and then he dropped it.

“Well, erm,” she twisted her hands in front of her, “So I found out…”

“Yes?” he prompted.

“I’m pregnant,” she confessed finally.

For a long moment, Will blinked at the Hufflepuff before finally croaking out, “What? How?”

“Do you want me to go into detail about the biological aspects?” Tatiana replied, lifting an eyebrow.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant,” Will shook his head quickly, his dark eyes wide in panic that seemed to mirror her own. He seemed to be at a loss for words. “I mean – wow. What are we going to do now?”

“I dunno,” she replied after a moment, still twisting her hands together. “I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know if I can stay here. I don’t know Hogwarts’ policy on teenage pregnancies, but I know that our baby,” the words sent a shiver through her spine, “will be born before we graduate.”

“So you’re planning on keeping it?” Will asked finally.

Tatiana stared at him incredulously. “Of course I’m keeping it, Will, this is my child.” There was a pause before she added stiffly, “And yours, too, if you want any part in raising it.”

For several long moments, the two blinked at each other, hazel meeting brown. Tatiana laced her fingers together and pressed them over her stomach, trying to imagine a child in there, and Will followed this action with another few blinks of his dark eyes.

“I need time to think,” he announced suddenly, turning on his heel and fleeing from the brunette, who pressed her lips together, trying her best not to burst into tears once more.