lay your cuts and bruises over my skin

by renegadekarma

“You’re an idiot,” she added at last.


It had been a messy affair; a bar brawl gone horribly, horribly wrong. The Penvrane siblings had only been in the pub for a few minutes, trying to figure out what to drink (“It’s sibling bonding, Dai!” “Why do we need to do this, aren’t we close enough already?”) when a screech had issued from somewhere on the other side of the counter.

Instantly, the two had whipped around to see the commotion. Two drunk rivals – a bartender standing close to the two whispered something about one having stolen the other’s girlfriend – were screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, up in each other’s faces, fury written in the set of their jaws. Another patron had tried to intervene and mediate, but he’d been brushed aside rudely.

“Daniel, I think we should leave,” Tatiana said in a small voice, but it was too late. One of the men had picked up a chair and thrown it at the other, smashing it over the head. The brunette issued a small squeak at the commotion, taking a hasty step back.

The other man, however, wouldn’t be subdued, and whipped out his wand. A flash of light was all it took before it turned into an all-out wizard duel. Screaming customers fled from the premises, but Tatiana and her brother were far too close to the source of all this commotion to escape so easily. They clung to each other as people pushed around them.

It had just so happened that in this duel, one of the man had swung himself onto the counter of the bar that Tatiana and Daniel were standing right behind. “Sectumsempra!” he called, but his aim was off (no doubt due the alcohol). Rather than his rival, the tip of the man’s wand pointed more toward the brunette who squeaked as the spell flew her way.

And then her brother dove in front of her, knocking her to the ground roughly. She would have protested had the incident not been so serious, and by the time she’d straightened up, the damage had been done. Cuts littered her brother’s body, and his white shirt was starting to turn crimson as the blood began to pool out.

“STOP!” Tatiana screeched at the fighting men, and thankfully, they both paused, turning in wide-eyed panic to the young man they’d hit during their duel.

Fortunately, she had her wand with her and was able to apparate herself and Daniel to Mungo’s immediately. A rush of emergency healers had taken him away hastily as soon as she arrived, and she was forced to sit in the waiting room and cry, not bothering to rid the blood from her hands.

After several hours, a healer approached the small witch, her eyes now rimmed red, in the plastic chair outside the emergency department. “We almost lost him,” the witch confessed, twisting her hands together, “But he’s stable. He’ll need a lot of time to recover from something this serious, but he’ll survive.”

It was all the witch could do not to cry from relief.

She’d contacted her parents and grandmother, who said they’d be there shortly. Now, however, it was only her and her brother, as she sat in the chair beside him in his room.

His eyelids fluttered open after a while, and she smiled weakly at him before frowning at once.

“What?” Daniel asked, noticing his sister’s face as he turned his head to the left ever so slightly.

“That was an absolutely ridiculous thing to do, Daniel William Penvrane,” she told her brother sternly. “What were you thinking? You got hurt! You didn’t have to push me out of harm’s way.”

“Yes, I did,” Daniel replied, meeting his sister’s eyes. She paused, biting her lip.

“You’re an idiot,” she added at last.


“I love you anyway, big brother.”

Daniel’s lips drew up at the proclamation. “Right back at you, little sister.”

Tatiana leaned forward and planted a swift kiss on her brother’s forehead before leaning back. “Now get some sleep,” she ordered after a moment.