crash your party

by renegadekarma

“What’s he doing in your bed?” Tatiana questioned.

Seren gave a dainty shrug. “What are you doing in my bed?”

Tatiana Penvrane sat up straight with a gasp, clutching a sheet to her chest while hazel eyes widened. Beside her, she could make out two sleeping figures; equally trashed, covered in glitter, and probably just as hungover as she was.

The splitting pain of a headache was the next thing that presented itself, and her head throbbed as she gently ran her fingers over her temple, wincing all the while. Her biggest obstacle right now was the sunlight that streamed in far too brightly from the window, illuminating the edge of the bed like fireworks to the young witch.

She suspected that this had to do with last night; Seren had suggested that they go out for drinks – they were, after all, young witches, just eighteen and graduated from Hogwarts, ready to see the world. Apparently their first stop had been some trashy bar a bit South of London, and when Daniel had seen them getting ready and told them that it was a bad idea, the girls had dragged him along as well.

Which reminded Tatiana – where were the other two?

Gingerly, she nudged the figure next to her in the shoulder, and the groan in response was familiar. “Seren, wake the hell up,” Tatiana grumbled, giving the girl another nudge in the shoulder, this time less gently.

Slowly, tangled blonde hair peeked out from the top of the blanket until the girl disentangled herself from it, lifting her arms in a stretch that the brunette knew was usually graceful although today looked like limbs pulled by a puppet master. “Where are we?” Seren yawned, seemingly less panicked than the former Hufflepuff.

Tatiana hadn’t yet given their location much thought, but as amber-streaked eyes searched the room, she frowned in recognition. “Your room,” she realized after a moment, taking in the pale pink walls of the apartment room that she shared with her best friend. “How did we end up here after all those shots? And who’s the person next to you?”

Seren was seemingly more comfortable in her nakedness than Tatiana was, and she didn’t mind at all tossing off the sheet. “I think it’s a bloke,” she said after a moment, giving the lump in the sheets a quick look. She snuck a peek under the blanket for a moment before emerging again. “It’s a guy,” she announced once she’d straightened up.

“What’s he doing in your bed?” Tatiana questioned.

Seren gave a dainty shrug. “What are you doing in my bed?”

“Somehow, I suspect that this time it wasn’t because you had nightmares and got scared.” Tatiana frowned down at herself, still holding the sheets tight to her body. “We didn’t sleep together, did we?”

The air was tense for a moment. “I don’t know,” Seren realized.

Tatiana shook her head, dispelling this thought as she turned to the figure on the other side of Seren. “Do you know who that is?”

The former Gryffindor lifted a slender hand and pulled back the sheets. Tatiana’s hazel eyes widened. “For the love of Merlin, what the fu-

“Language, Tatiana,” the tall figure chided without missing a beat, straightening up on his side of the bed and blinking blue eyes at the two girls beside him.

“Seren,” the brunette murmured suddenly, panicked, “If you remember anything about last night, now would be a good time to say something. Please tell me that I didn’t sleep with my brother.”

“Of course not,” the blonde replied, rolling her hazel eyes, and Tatiana’s sign in relief was cut short by Seren’s next words, “I did.”

“You did what?

“Slept with Danny,” Seren replied, seemingly not as disturbed about this development as the former Hufflepuff was.

“Is that what happened?” Daniel mused. “I vaguely remember dragging you two back here, and everything after that was a blur.” He paused, his expression thoughtful. “I remember tossing a pair of pink panties somewhere.”

“Those were mine,” Seren confirmed, and Tatiana resisted the urge to gag.

“So you slept together? Where was I during this? How did I end up in here, then?”

“You’ve been here the whole time,” Daniel replied, brow furrowing.

Hazel eyes turned as round as saucers. “You mean, while you two were…?”

Seren still didn’t look uncomfortable by all the new revelations. “Honestly, I think you just passed out on that side of the bed during it.” She frowned suddenly after remembering something. “Actually, I think the two of us did do something before the whole Daniel thing.”

“Is that why I’m naked?” Tatiana clutched the sheets tighter before tossing the pillow that had been wedged under her at her brother. “Oi, cover up.”

The blonde at this point was grinning as if there was something humorous about the situation, and still tasting liquor on her lips and trying to get glitter out of her hair, Tatiana scowled. “What’s so funny?”

“I slept with both Penvrane siblings in one night,” Seren announced with a grin. “I’ve got to win a medal for that or something.”

She didn’t even perceive the push coming from  her right until she was forced sideways with a yelp, and both Daniel and her tumbled to the ground as the brunette on the bed scowled down at them.

“I’m going to fucking murder the two of you when I’m dressed and my head doesn’t feel like it’s splitting in two,” the former Hufflepuff hissed.

Still not missing a beat, her brother scolded, “Language, Tatiana.”